For sale: SS-40TX Kit

Don Jackson

It appears I'll never get to this kit, so I'm selling it with the hope someone else may build and benefit from it.

This is the K8IQY-designed SS-40TX transmitter which is now sold out and discontinued from the 4SQRP kit stable, but sold earlier this year for $50 plus shipping. You can still read about it and get all the info on it from the web pages. If you have the companion SS-40 receiver and not the transmitter, here's your possible last chance to get the companion transmitter.

Description: This well designed transmitter is a companion to K8IQY's highly regarded SS-40 receiver. It produces up to 9 watts (can be set to 5W) and uses a hefty, cool running MOSFET as a final. All parts are through hole lead parts.

This is an unbuilt kit, only the outer bubble mailing envelope has been opened for inspection, all parts are still in their respective original plastic bags.

I am asking $35.00 and $2.00 postage, or $37 total. PayPal accepted as well as a USPS postal money order. Email me OFF LIST and please give a phone number where I may reach you to finalize the transaction. My email is donj at ae5k dot us

Don AE5K

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