4QRP email blog #1

Walter - K5EST

The original email blog of the 4SQRP Group -- copyright July 2016
Walter - K5EST - Editor

This weekend:

July 9-10  IARU HF World Championship with QRP categories for phone, CW, and mixed entries.

July 10   Don't forget! This coming Sunday, from 7:00 - 9:00 pm CDT, is the July 
Second Sunday Sprint. Go to QRPContest.com/4sqrp for complete rules. 
That's also where you will enter your results. Please do that by Tuesday 
evening, July 12th, at the latest. I will take a look at the results 
Wednesday and record them for my spreadsheet. I will also send a 
certificate to the person with the highest score this month. It could 
be YOU!!!! (but only if you participate),
John AA0VE, 4SQRP Contest Coordinator

4S-Tuner/Antenna CouplerThis excellent random wire antenna tuner is the classic T-Match design which is known for wide matching range and smooth operation. See:


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