Is anyone interested in making WAS using the club call? All members can use the the club call anytime they wish, any mode, any band. As long as you stay within the limits of your own license (Riley said so, a long time ago :o) Other clubs have had a club wide activity using their club call. The North Georgia group, NO4GA comes to mind, they made DXCC in 4 months.

If you want to participate, pse send me your contact's info and I'll upload it to a log on our web page. I'm not savvy enough to use LOTW, but some of you who are could handle that if you wish. It would be fun to track the club's progress and I'll post a progress report from time to time on the reflector.

This isn't for the ARRL award, since complying with the 50 mile requirement isn't possible, but this group activity should be even more fun. Monitoring the watering holes throughout the day and answering CQ's should be a productive way to negate poor band condx.

Lemmee know, and TIA

I love this radio stuff.

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