July SSS

John Lonigro

Well, I hope everyone had a chance to enter their score on the qrpcontest website. Here are the results:

1) Chas (W2SH) won the July contest with 6 points and solidified his 2015-2016 score as well. He has 47 points between November, 2015 and July, 2016 and is 9 points ahead of Terry, WA0ITP. Chas will receive his E-certificate shortly.

2) We had 4 new entries for July: Robert, KR9Z (#431), Barry, AB4QL (no member number yet), Dale, WN0WWY (#481), and Chas, NK8O (#843). Welcome to all. Yes, we now have two members named "Chas" (maybe more).

3) There were 8 people who entered the July SSS, counting Ron (AG1P) and myself (AA0VE), who listened but had no QSOs. While 8 entries is nothing spectacular, it is definitely an improvement over June's results. After seeing those results, I was ready to throw in the towel. Now at least there's hope...

4) For August, I'd still like everyone who even just listened to send in their score. Let's try to have more participation than 8 people next month.

The top three leaders for the year are Chas, W2SH (47 points), Terry, WA0ITP (36 points), and Gary, KF7WNS (34 points).

72 until next month,

Contest coordinator

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