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Ken Talbott

The hb-1b mk3 represents great value for the $.  The internal battery option works well.  Use a resonant antenna (consider the LNR MTR) and no tuner is required.  Install one of the tiny touch keyers (on the corner) and you have a go anywhere/anytime, rugged little rig.  The filtering is a little wide, but the ability to listen-only to SSB is handy late at night when CW is dead.  Not for serious contesting, but a fun rig!

Ken – ke4rg


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I have been looking at the youkits hb-1b mk3.

It is a QRP 40,30,20,17,&15 meter transceiver.


Would not cover your 10 meter but at $299.00 usd might be worth lookingg at.




Paul Bonham



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Subject: [4sqrp] Low Cost 10W All Band Xcvr



Any suggestions for a dependable, economical (low cost), 10W, 40-10M portable transceiver for camping?   I tried taking my 100w rigs -pwr reduced to 10w- to the field but they are too power hungry.

Ed - ad7gr

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