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Hello Ben,

During my wife's and my last horse camp trip to WA I set up my solar/deep cycle battery powered station using a TS-590S into a screwdriver antenna. When she goes on her trail riding I remain in camp. The antenna has worked well in the past and the 590 has an excellent receiver. I turned off the LCD back lighting and all else I could do without and dropped the power to 10W but the 590 is still a power hungry rig and I heard very few... and weak... signals. I did send out CQs at 75W occasionally thinking that when I snagged someone I could always QRP. No luck... that fishing expedition was terrible. Either condx were awful, no one was listening, or if listening, did not want to respond.

Here's a link to my website where I describe what I set up for a field shack... Of course what you see there was just the trial setup in my yard at home.

I also have and have used the ZM-2 tuner I built... a great little tuner.

When condx are good 5W is all that is needed.

Ed - ad7gr
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On 7/15/2016 8:34 AM, [4sqrp] wrote:

Might as well throw in my 2 cents. At Field Day I ran my Ten Tec Argonaut 6 off a battery quite successfully. Very comfortable at 1 - 10 watts and a really great receiver. It is not too picky on voltage either (9.5-14). It does require a battery with some capacity (3 amps draw at full transmit) but there are many options in that area.

If you want to have an amp along just in case then the Hard Rock 50 amp matches up nicely and gives you access to 50 watts in a smallish package at modest cost. And the HR 50 is not too demanding as to SWR.

For 10 watts I like to use the Emtech ZM-2 tuner which handles 10 watts comfortably and it offers antenna flexibility.

The Argonaut also matches up nicely with the Ten Tec 1208 6 meter transverter which puts out a little less than 9 watts for some VHF fun on weekends like this when there is a VHF contest.

All this is for picnic table use as I see it. If you want to hike and work off a rock along the trail etc then a smaller more rugged package is a better choice in my view but might not have 10 watts.

*** Ben KE3KQ

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