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Dale (and all),

��� Last year I called Yaesu to ask some questions about the new Yaesu Fusion Repeater.� During the conversation I told him about the radios I own and told him of all the radios I own I have barrels of fun using the FT-817 and it is my favorite radio to use.

��� He responded by telling me he has talked to quite a number of people that own FT-817's and they all say the same thing to him !!


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the whole choice thing... is entirely decided.. by.. YOU.. what exactly you intend to do with it.. may help you choose.. but in the end.. it is all on you.�

For example.. I do a fair amount of contesting... at the tiny squirt gun level.. � with wire antennas and all qrp. ... so do I go buy a high dollar contest rig? Nope.. but I do check Sherwood specs.. because, if you can't hear 'em.. you �can't work 'em. For the portable ops.. I like a lot of the qrp radios.. because they are qrp, small, filled with fun stuff.. and they run on batteries... I have a Tribander.. than grabs Foxes.. on a 9v battery.... �I have a PFR-3.. that I won't lose in tall grass. .. I have a SS40 tx-rx.. that is very cool right there... on the op desk.�

� They all do their job.. oh.. and the contest rig?.. is a pair of K2s, all set up for puter logging and keying.. and cw ops in tuff places.. but the qrp radios do that too... so.. take your pick..�

It is all in the name of FUN!!! And without that.... we all give up and go home.�

Have a great day,
--... ...-- Dale - WC7S in Wy

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Consensus?� NEVER!� If so, we would all own the same rig. Ham radio is the ONLY endeavor in which everyone IS entitled to their own facts.� Enjoy.

Ken ke4rg


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Hello 4sqrp,


I have seen many suggestions.

Is there any consensus or agreement?

What is Ed, AD7GR, acquiring?

Our dollar here is 77 cents�

of the Greenback - �$1.30




VA3HOD (4sqrp) & VE3HOV


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If you must have an all mode rig, watch for either an argonaut 5 or 6, the last 2 models, on the used market. �The former is a 25 watt superhet, while the latter is a lower transmit power SDR that I remember operating with a solar panel at field day a couple years ago. �Check receive current on these to see if they might be something like 200 MA or so, you don't want several amps on battery power. �A lightly equipped k2 might be in similar price range. �Any of these rigs are an enjoyable ride, as is a lot of simpler qrp rigs. �


73 curt


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