Re: Low Cost 10W All Band Xcvr

Don Wilhelm

I hope I am not "telling stories out of school", but Ed may be getting his Elecraft K2 up and running properly again - I am currently helping him with it via off-list email.
If that is possible, his cost will certainly be a lot less than any of the transceivers that have been suggested, and the performance will be better than the other alternatives - the K2 is a contest grade transciever even though it is basically a 1998 design, but there have been several upgrades to bring it up to the currently shipped level.
Of course, I am biased - I do repairs of the legacy gear for Elecraft and I also do the same as an independent, and I think the Elecraft gear is 'top notch' stuff.

From what I have determined already, his K2 problems are not extreme, they just need a bit of attention and can be easily fixed.


On 7/15/2016 10:58 PM, 'James W. Hodgson' [4sqrp] wrote:

Hello 4sqrp,

I have seen many suggestions.
Is there any consensus or agreement?
What is Ed, AD7GR, acquiring?
Our dollar here is 77 cents
of the Greenback - $1.30

VA3HOD (4sqrp) & VE3HOV

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