can't seem to load jt65a on my windows 10 computer?

Phil <w0xiphil@...>

Hello 4SQRPers. Just wondering if anyone else has/had that problem with this weak signal mode and/or is on JT65A on HF now?
The WSJT instructions say to download the program into a non-standard location c: \wsjt\wsjt-10.0. The program did download a bunch of files into that location......but an .exe file seems to be missing? Any clues?
I’m wanting to run WSJT JT65A on my K3 with vertical antenna to see how it does on 20-meters. The same program, supposedly can be used to run on 70 cm for moon-bounce, which is my end objective.............but figured I’d get experience on HF with this mode first..........since I have the equipment for that now.
No love so far.....HM?
Uncle Phil / w0xi

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