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I have quite a few computers at home, all of them are running Windows 10, and things have been pretty smooth until recently. One thing I did before I converted any PC to Windows 10 was to take an image of the system with Windows 7 Ultimate, that way I can revert back an any time and not have to deal with Microsoft 30 day limit.

Recently I been working with FPGAs to implement custom CPUs, but in order to test the CPUs I need software capable of running on the one of a kind CPU, so I been using Forth which is easy to modify for a new CPU. Recently I converted my last CPU to Windows 10 and immediately started running into problems, the software sort of looks like it's running but it is not running right. I have wasted a lot of time trying to figure out why it's not running right but found nothing so far so maybe it's time to revert one of the PCs back to Windows 7 where it all runs fine. Currently I'm running a Windows 7 Virtual PC using VMware and that works but I'm not 100% happy with that solution.

There is not much time left to get free updates, but I always recommended to people to create an image of the PC before doing the upgrade, I use Macrium Reflect, it free and works well. Even if you are not upgrading to Windows 10 it's a good idea to keep an image of your system in case something goes terribly wrong, in that case a restore from your image will set your system back to the way it was when you  made the image. I update my images when I make major changes to the PC but still keep the original just in case, Large Hard drives are cheap these days. I use a plain 3 TB drive and an Orico External USB Dock which I bought on sale for $15 to make an image of all my PCs.

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Hello, Phil,

As an IT professional, I have stayed far away from Windows 10 after testing it on a brand new Dell netbook. I went as far as to buy an older Toshiba netbook running Windows XP, though I do endorse Windows 7 for general use.

I see no reason why we should have to continually struggle with getting things to work just because Micro$oft decides they have to continually fix things that aren't broken, breaking things that are working in the process.

If you can somehow roll back to Win7, I recommend that. I can help you do that legally.

73 de Ken W4KGH

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