Just downloaded HAMLOG for my iphone 6

Phil <w0xiphil@...>

Hey you-all.....,
Read about and then downloaded HAMLOG (73), an app for the iphone. Typed in a couple of logs and the program looks pretty good.
I noticed that it has a feature for downloading in ADIF format too; that may be handy upon return from my Panama City Beach trip;
hopefully I’ll be able to use that to insert the contacts into my LOTW (arrl logbook) and my computer-based N3FJP main log.
A plus of the HAMLOG for the iphone is that is has further features. A few that caught my eye so far/got my attention:
UTC lookup, both local and utc time,
callsign lookup,
grid locator calculator, --------------handy since I usually forget my EM28IX........altitude is also included.....
solar data, and a few others such as MUF..........says today is 14.56,
contest calendar lookup,
4states qrp spots,
Uncle Phil / w0xi

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