Re: KXPD2 or KXPD3 inquiry

Walter - K5EST

Hi Paul, the bolt on paddles with the KX3 all seemed to be very stiff.
From reading the yahoo groups for the KX Series, some of the guys
are saying the new KX2 paddles are much better.

There is no one around my QTH that has the factory paddles, that
I know about.

Shoot me but probably the best of the best is the  Begali Adventure:

That is what I am looking to buy a little later. For now I am using
the Begali Signature in the house and  DCP paddles in the go-bag.

The KX2 is quite a nice little rig. Receiver great and almost up to
the KX3 in DSP and sensitivity. 

73 .... Walter . K5EST
Operating the Trio......KX1, KX2, KX3

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