Re: FS: Ft. Tuthill 80 kit


How I actually did it -- put all of the filter caps on a piece of paper, numbering each one individually. Measured that capacitance, and noted that. Entered these into a spread sheet along with the number assigned to each -- use a small "Sharpie" pen. Sort on value. Determine the average. Assume you have a "normal" distribution about the mean, then pick 1/2 of them above, and 1/2 of them below for the ones to use in the audio filter. Takes a bit of time, but the resulting filter is quite amazing. 

Also, I wound the toroid for the VFO with about 5 more turns than specified, then trimmed the number of turns back until I covered the low end of the CW part of the band. Cannot remember if I used both sections (I think so) of the tuning capacitor, and just what padder capacitors.

I should add an LED pilot light when I get a chance, though there is an on/off switch on the volume control pot.

73 /paul W3FIS

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