Skeeter Hunt is over - what now?

Larry W2LJ <w2lj@...>

I've been getting several e-mails - "How do you want my log?"

Short answer?

I don't! Please ..... no adif, cabrillo, csv files.

What I do want is your log summary. It' s real easy to send and I'll include the following exmaple (mine):

Larry - W2LJ -TR23 - (Name, Call, Location)
Skeeter #13 - All CW - (Skeeter # and the mode you worked, CW/SSB/Mixed)
Single Op - (Single Op, Multi Op, Multi-multi Op)
Skeeter QSOs - 39 - (# of Skeeter QSOs)
Non-Skeeter QRP QSOs - 1 (# of Non-Skeeter, but QRP QSOs)
Non-Skeeter QRO QSOs - 1 (# of Non-Skeeter QRPO QSOS - NPOTA activators may have had a lot of these)
S/P/Cs or NPOTA Designators - 25 (# of staes, provinnces, countries, NPOTA entities that you worked)
Station Class Multiplier X4 (See da rules fror the categories)
NPOTA Bonus - 100 points (If you activated an NPOTA you get an extra 100 points! See, I told ya to!)

If you do the math correctly (gotta love spreadsheets and formulas!), you'll se my total was 12,100 points.

Log summaries are due by the end of the Sunday before Labor Day. Please remember to include your Soapbox comments and photos if you have 'em. I know that a lot of us in the QRP Community "know" each other; but one of the best things about these Outdoor QRP Sprints is to see how you operated and where you operated from. Please feel free to share, they will appear on the Skeeter Hunt Soapbox page.

I will do my best to post the scores on Labor Day and follow up with Soapbox comments a week or so, later.

And once again, thanks to all of you who make this possible and thanks to the New Jersey QRP Club for their sponsorship!

72 de Larry W2LJ
NJQRP Skeeter Hunt Manager - Skeeter # 13

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