Re: 12 Volt linear (not switching!) wall wart

Rick Bennett

Mouser electronics still has some also but slim pickin's and somewhat hard to find in their search engine.  Try this link. 

de KC0PET, Rick

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Jameco still sells them. 

-Anthony WR3T

Anthony DeStefano

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Anyone have a line on a 12 Volt linear wall warts? There used to be so many... Trying to cut down on the RFI in my house, and switching wall warts seem to be a big contributor and about all I can seem to find.

I'm looking for something that gives about 1 amp at 12 Volts and is regulated. Linearly! And is not terribly expensive so I can buy a few of them.

I suppose an alternative would be a very RF quiet switching wall wart if someone has first hand knowledge of one of those......

Chip Stratton

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