Re: 12 Volt linear (not switching!) wall wart


Thanks to all who have replied!

Dale thinks he has three he can supply me. Terry's solution would work too, but I can't find those GE wall warts for less than $10 each now. The Jameco product for $15.00 that Anthony shared looks like the perfect thing. Their data sheet shows good regulation between no load and 1 amp, and their schematic shows a voltage regulator IC that is supposed to be a linear device.

Looks like I should be good to go.


On Thu, Aug 25, 2016 at 5:03 PM, CStratton <groups@...> wrote:
Anyone have a line on a 12 Volt linear wall warts? There used to be so many... Trying to cut down on the RFI in my house, and switching wall warts seem to be a big contributor and about all I can seem to find.

I'm looking for something that gives about 1 amp at 12 Volts and is regulated. Linearly! And is not terribly expensive so I can buy a few of them.

I suppose an alternative would be a very RF quiet switching wall wart if someone has first hand knowledge of one of those......

Chip Stratton

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