Re: 12 Volt linear (not switching!) wall wart

Dale Putnam

Hey Chip, 

  Bad news.. they don't test out.. I have three 13.8v 1a .. but they make noise now.. sounds like the insulation on the transformers.. or possible caps issue.. they are sealed.. of course. So.. maybe Terry or Anthony would be a better choice at this point. Sorry.. guess I should a tested em first. 

Have a great day,
--... ...-- Dale - WC7S in Wy

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Thanks to all who have replied!

Dale thinks he has three he can supply me. Terry's solution would work too, but I can't find those GE wall warts for less than $10 each now. The Jameco product for $15.00 that Anthony shared looks like the perfect thing. Their data sheet shows good regulation between no load and 1 amp, and their schematic shows a voltage regulator IC that is supposed to be a linear device.

Looks like I should be good to go.


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Anyone have a line on a 12 Volt linear wall warts? There used to be so many... Trying to cut down on the RFI in my house, and switching wall warts seem to be a big contributor and about all I can seem to find.

I'm looking for something that gives about 1 amp at 12 Volts and is regulated. Linearly! And is not terribly expensive so I can buy a few of them.

I suppose an alternative would be a very RF quiet switching wall wart if someone has first hand knowledge of one of those......

Chip Stratton

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