Re: Simple AC receptacle tester

Anthony DeStefano


The non-contact pen types do exactly what you want. The top of the pen is a flat tip that you can insert in to the hot side of the outlet (the short one). They usually have a flashing red light and audio alarms.

I used mine this week and the audio alarm was loud enough to hear across the basement while I was trying to find the correct breaker. 

-Anthony WR3T

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I'd like to have an AC receptacle tester a bit unlike what I can find on the net.

It's pretty simple: Just a (filament-style) 40-watt bulb encased in a molded body for mechanical protection, and with a 2-prong (NOT 3-prong) plug on it.  And when you plug it in, the light flashes on and off, not steady.

Now you can go in the next room, and still see the flashing light (or not) as you are perhaps working on the wiring.


It would also be nice if this thing had an audio beeper built into it that you could turn on or off as desired.  The beeps would coincide with the flashing light when plugged into a hot receptacle.


I've looked around the net for something like this, without result.

Lots of fancier stuff available, but nothing nice and simple like what I want.


Anyone seen anything I should know about?  Seems like the Chinese would be making something like this, but if so I don't see it anywhere.

73 - Bob, K6KL


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