OT: FS: Vibroplex "VibroCube" paddlles

Jim Sheldon

Since this is still available, I'm lowering the price to $150 which will
include the shipping to anywhere in the U.S.
Very smooth operating key, easy adjustments and it looks almost new.

Jim - W0EB

Anybody with a heavy fist like mine and need something that is hard to
move around on your operating desk when you send CW? I have for sale an
excellent condition Vibroplex VibroCube set of paddles. This is actually
the Standard, Upgraded model with the jeweled pivot bearings and the
black crinkle powder coat finish. It's around 2 years old and I don't
use it anymore as I was digging through some old stored boxes from my
military career and I found the old Vibroplex "Vibro Keyer" paddles I
originally learned to send CW on, way back in 1962 so they are now
clamped to my desk.

This VibroCube, serial number 404755, is current manufacture and the
Standard upgraded model sells for $229.95 plus shipping from Vibroplex
(www.vibroplex.com). That's what I paid for it when I bought it around 2
years ago. I'll let this one go for $160 and you pay the USPS (Medium
flat rate box) shipping. I'd prefer to sell this in the U.S. as
international shipping has gotten almost impossibly high priced. I'd
prefer PayPal, but will take USPS money orders.

Please keep any replies off the reflector - email address is

w0eb@cox.net First "I'll take it" (by date/time on the email) gets right
of first refusal. Pictures are available via email.

Jim Sheldon, W0EB
Park City, KS

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