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Bill Cromwell


There are so many options. I think most of them are in the Rube Goldberg category. I have the older Model XYL that I refer to as Carolyn that I have had for 40 years. She can tell me when 'this lamp' goes off and when it comes back on. The XYL also helps with plumbing jobs and can turn the water on and off when needed - all remotely of course.

Additionally, if I fall or get a severe electrical shock from failed electrical equipment the XYL will automatically call 911 so I can get that kind of help if needed. I have seen nothing at Home Depot with that kind of utility and reliability.

You shouldn't be messing with wires or pipes or up on roofs, trees, tower with a buddy. The XYL can handle all of those.

Here..hold these wires.. <evil grin>


Bill KU8H

On 08/27/2016 12:41 PM, [4sqrp] wrote:

I'd like to have an AC receptacle tester a bit unlike what I can find on the net.

It's pretty simple: Just a (filament-style) 40-watt bulb encased in a molded body for mechanical protection, and with a 2-prong (NOT 3-prong) plug on it. And when you plug it in, the light flashes on and off, not steady.

Now you can go in the next room, and still see the flashing light (or not) as you are perhaps working on the wiring.

It would also be nice if this thing had an audio beeper built into it that you could turn on or off as desired. The beeps would coincide with the flashing light when plugged into a hot receptacle.

I've looked around the net for something like this, without result.

Lots of fancier stuff available, but nothing nice and simple like what I want.

Anyone seen anything I should know about? Seems like the Chinese would be making something like this, but if so I don't see it anywhere.

73 - Bob, K6KL

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