OT: FS Jetstream JT270M VHF/UHF FM 10 watt transceiver

Jim Sheldon

Anyone need an inexpensive VHF/UHF 10 watt mobile radio? I have for
sale a Jetstream JT270M which is a low end 199 channel 2 meter/70
centimeter mobile/portable radio that makes a real good little "Prepper"
radio. Power output is 10 watts on high and 4 watts on low - frequency
range 136-174 MHz and 400-470 MHz transmit and receive. Transmit
current is 1.8 amp max on high power, standby current is 800 milliamps.
Size is 4 3/4" by 1 1/2" by 3 3/8". This one is a couple years old but
in great condition, never used mobile and from a non-smoking
environment. A good place to find information on this and lots of other
radios of this type is www.miklor.com.

Comes with the original box (60+ page English manual on CD as the
original manual was in Chinese), Mobile mounting bracket, new
microphone, power cord and programming cord ($14 value). Programs
easily with the free Chirp software using the included cord.

These originally sold in the $125 to $145 range new. I'm asking $60 for
this one and that will include shipping anywhere in the United States.
Prefer not to ship internationally as I'm not sure how this meets
government regulations except for the U.S.

If interested, please reply direct, not on the reflector to
w0eb@cox.net. I'll take PayPal or USPS money orders and the first "I'll
take it" by date/time sent on the email, will get the right of first

Jim - W0EB
Park City, KS

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