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Jim Sheldon

Download the free "terminal" program called "TerraTerm", set it up to send/receive on whatever "COM" port your DB9 connector shows on Windows "Device Manager".  Set the TerraTerm COM port to that one with baud rate 9600, 8bits and No Parity.  Probably stop bit = 1.  That should allow you to see what characters are sent by the keypad on your screen.
Jim - W0EB

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I have a keypad that purports to output RS-232 (9600N8).
I need to test it on a Windows computer, but since I have been
an Apple user for some years, I’ve forgotten what Windows utility
I can use.

I’d like to plug the keypad into a DB-9 connector on the
Windows machine, hit a key on the keypad, and see that
character displayed on the screen.  Should be simple in the
software.  .  .  . 

Can anyone give me a clue how to get this working?

Thanks and 73 - Bob, K6KL

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