test of new Mediacom port


MediaCom, the company I love to hate.

Incredibly, without notifying their users, about 3 weeks ago they changed the port and security requirements for sending messages. We all had to figure it out, call them, use Google, or whatever it took.

Finally got done without their help. Couldn't reach their customer no service, lines were busy and loong waits - No wonder. Wasted a lot of time here at home also.

Yahoo wouldn't let me post on their groups with an email other than the one I used to set up my account (understandable) so I've been off the reflector for the 3 weeks. But now I'm baaack. However, I'm using wa0itp@4sqrp.com for everything now except posting to the reflectors. It's a more reliable email address, pse change your address books. Thanks much.

I love this radio stuff.

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