Fwd 2016 Peanut Power Sprint


The Bees have swarmed and the Skeeters have been hunted. 

The Labor Day Festivities are behind us and with less than 3 weeks to go-

Now it's time for a little snack - The Peanut Power Sprint!
Everyone plays... Outdoors, Indoors, lo/hi power... There is even a QRO category.
Sponsored by the North Georgia QRP Club (NoGaQrP), this sprint will be held on Sept. 25, 2016 from 4PM to 6PM EDT,
(Sept. 25, 2016 - 2000z to 2200z). Full rules are on the NoGaQrP website - http://www.nogaqrp.org/PeanutPower/rules.pdf

Your QSO will be worth more if you have a Peanut number; assigned new each year (see below).
The club is making this one different from most other QRP QSO events.
1. It is open to all amateurs at any power level. We do this to attract some new folks to QRP while running their
comfortable power - QRO (<= 100 watts pls). All are welcome. This is a fun event, not cut-throat!
2. It is a short sprint lasting only 2 hours and not tying up the entire afternoon. Although a brief sprint, please
run reasonable CW speeds so that all can copy.
3. It starts late in the day (right after close of TX QSO party!) which means we start at 1PM PDT, later than most contests.
4. There are categories for all situations - the prestigious category in the Peanut Power category - 1W CW, 2W PEP SSB or less
and operating from the field is the GOOBER CLASS! SOTA anyone?
5. Plaques will be awarded for each of 5 category winners (minimum 3 entries).
6. Sprint encourages SSB as well as CW contacts. The exchange: RS(T), State/Province/Country (S/P/C), and your Peanut Number or Power.
   Call CQ NUT and have FUN!
7. Multipliers count each band/mode. Work GA (or any S/P/C) on 3 bands and 2 modes = 6 multiplier. 
Puts emphasis on switching bands and modes during the event. Check SSB on the quarter hour.
8. This will encourage activity on the 3 permitted bands - 40M, 20M, and 15M. See the rules for the suggested frequencies for each
band/mode. Notice we are encouraging the now almost dead portion of 40M - 7061 kHz and up.
9. Logs are not submitted - simply a score - but keep your log in case it's requested for verification. Watch the NoGaQrP website
for results. There is an online score calculator. It's all on the website - http://www.nogaqrp.org
10. Work stations holding a Peanut Power Number (PPN) for 7 points. Stations worked not having a PPN (they will send power instead)
yield 3 points. Yes, QRO stations may request a PPN. Remember, you do not declare a category until you decide to send in your entry. 
If you get halfway through and change your power, simply enter under a different category than your original intention.
To request your PPN, send an email to NoGaNuT PeTe at Pete@... Requests for special numbers may no longer be accommodated.
Remember to include the phrase - "PEANUT POWER NUMBER" in the subject line of your request.
See the current list of Peanut Power Numbers here:  http://www.nogaqrp.org/PeanutPower/2016/PPN2016.pdf
Dang, those goobers are tasting great! http://tinyurl.com/olkg4za
GL es 72,


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