some reservations.....


Yahoo seems to be easy for hackers to get into, so that is
why I am a bit uneasy about changing. Seems that I frequently
see that a person's email address book is raided and used for
SPAM. I assume it hasn't happened to me as I've never received
a complaint about it.

I worked a European CW station this week who was proudly
running 800 watts. When he asked my power, I told him:
"five." He said: "Five hundred?" I told him: "No, five."
"Oh," he said, "fifty can make it across the water
sometimes but it' not reliable."

I didn't bother to tell him that the landlord found my
wire antenna running through the garage at my apartment
house and removed it. Since then I've been using the
shield of the remaining coax and tuning it against 50 turns of
wire on a plastic tube on the floor of my media room.


(was KV8KV, and before that, KEØUQ)

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