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Charlie Vest

Phil , I have logged in the thousands of both JT65 and JT9 contacts on HF .

I also run Dimension 4 software and highly recommend using it , to provide accurate timing and time keeping. I have run it on Windows XP , 7 , and now on 10. I run WSJT-X software and just recently added WSJT-X / JTAlert-X to go with it.

If I can be of any help please let me know. I also use the SignaLink USB interface at both of my stations. One is on a Kenwood and the other is a Yaesu . I just received a new Yaesu FT-991 from UPS literally just minutes before I left for Big Brutus on Friday afternoon. So I will this weekend and into this week be rearranging the shack and main operating position to set up the FT-991 , as well as a new Ameritron 811H amplifier , that I bought more than a year ago , but have never even taken it out of the plastic yet.

I will be waiting on a set of cables , that I already have on order , from SignaLink , for use with the data port on the 991. So as soon as they arrive , I will be getting it set up to run the digital modes .

My Kenwood TS2000 has to go to the shop and IF the 991 works out well , it will become the main 100 watt class rig and the TS2000 will become the backup.

Time will tell which goes where. I originally ordered the FT-991 to be a backup for the TS-2000.

Best 73 , Charlie , W5COV
South Coffeyville , Oklahoma

---- "'Phil' [4sqrp]" <> wrote:

Recently ordered a SignaLink USB and downloaded the programs for JT65HF by W6CQZ.

I have the receiving section working and debugging the TX portion now. Very interesting stuff.

I noticed that on the program’s display (operators screen) the TIME seems to be running ok and staying in sync with UTC.
So receive and decoding seems to be working.

However the data on the screen is showing Sept 10 instead of 9? What’s the deal?

And, can’t seem to find a forum for chatting about stuff like this.

72 guys.

Uncle Phil

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