One more time (Final SSS Reminder)

Jeff Logullo N0̸MII


I know that John AA0VE said that his email was the "final reminder" -- and that's true. That was HIS final reminder. I'm sure he would not mind that another _FINAL_ reminder went out.. .so here it is :-)

Jeff N0MII


This is your final reminder that the September Second Sunday Sprint
(SSSS) will be held this coming Sunday, from 7:00-9:00 CDT (0000-0200
UTC Monday). As always, complete rules, suggested frequencies, and
logging website are all at

It's your final reminder because I'll be involved in several different
activities starting tomorrow and will likely forget (or not have time)
to send any further reminders. Also, I'll be dragging Monday morning,
so try to remember to log your results as soon as possible after the
contest. I'll try to get my act together by Wednesday morning to report
the results and generate the September winner certificate. And, as with
last month, if you listen for at least 15 minutes during the contest,
please submit your entry, even if your total is 0 QSO points. I'm still
trying to see how many people participate each month.

Remember, although we are keeping track of cumulative scores for the
overall 2916 winner, each month, the person with the most QSO points for
that month gets a certificate and recognition for his fine performance.


John, AA0VE

4SQRP Contest coordinator

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