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AG1P Ron

Great pics Johnny!!!  You have a great camera. 


72 - Ron - AG1P


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Ge all

If you didn't make it to Brutus, you missed a lot of good Fun, Friends, and Food!


They bands were terrible, but we wrangled out a few contacts with members and non members.

Woody was the first call in, and several others followed.

The bands went dead on us so we ate and visited!!

We also shared a great Chicken meal Friday night at Chicken Mary's!!


Hmm, did we go to eat or play radio or visit.....all the above!



Looking forward to seeing everyone at OZARKCON in the spring!


Johnny AC0BQ


There is a story behind the burnt wire pic!

Not sure what caused it, but lipo batteries do produce a lot of heat when their output is shorted!









QRP....."More smiles per Watt"



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