Charlie and all, 

Thank you for this excellent description of the Brutus outing.  Sri there were storms on Friday night, but Saturday sounded perfect. I'm sri I couldn't make it this year. I listened, but no joy on hearing the club call.  Hope all had a good time, made lots of contacts, heard the hoot owl that lives in Brutus,  the coyotes that cruise the area, and ate plenty of Johnny's famous BBQ ribs.   Hope to be there next year with a wahr and and a rig.
- 72 WA0ITP

"They have a beautiful camping area away from any major towns or cities ,
out in the country , with plenty of room to set up antennas and people
bring their own rigs and equipment , plus antennas and mounts . There is a
huge clear area immediately adjacent to the camping area , where we can
stretch out most any antenna that you can imagine.

Many people camp on site and eat , play , and talk radio during the entire
event and one gets the chance to see equipment that they might have not
seen yet , as well as home brew equipment that the guys bring along . Many
bring their XYL's with them and a wonderful bar b que rib lunch , with
plenty of sides to go with it has become a part of the Saturday activities.

Many times people also set up their extra equipment and items on their
tail gates and a good deal of buy - selling- trading- and even some "please
take it home items" that guys don't want to haul back home with them.

Fun for the entire family in a beautiful setting."
I love this radio stuff.

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