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Johnny et. al.,

What a beautiful day for playing radio, visiting, and eating good food!!  The picture shows me with my mouth open it was that way all day long either talking or stuffing it with delicious food.  Those that have had the pleasure of eating Johnny’s smoked ribs don’t need to be told about them and those that have not had the pleasure let me tell you they are horrible and nasty so don’t show up to indulge in them(I will be more than happy to eat your portion:-)!!!!   Patsy KC5CDE, and I really enjoyed the get-together with other 4Staters.  Yes. the bands were horrible but the chance to be with others that love ham radio and spending time with those that share that love and interest —— PRICELESS!!!!!!

I got to see the little Elecraft KX2 that Walter K5EST brought along for show and tell, and the first homebrew BITX that I have ever seen in person which Tom N2UHC had built and brought to Brutus.  The BITX sounded great and as Tom mentioned — he nabbed the 9/11 special event station with it.  With condx as bad as they were that was a great contact on SSB.  Walter’s first contact with his KX2 and the Alex Loop was with Woody WD9F—outstanding.

Thank goodness for OzarkCon next April, that way it won’t be a whole year before Patsy and I get to share the fellowship of a great bunch of ham radio folks!!

cu es 72, Bart w0iit
Pittsburg, KS
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Ge all

If you didn't make it to Brutus, you missed a lot of good Fun, Friends, and Food!

They bands were terrible, but we wrangled out a few contacts with members and non members.
Woody was the first call in, and several others followed.
The bands went dead on us so we ate and visited!!
We also shared a great Chicken meal Friday night at Chicken Mary's!!

Hmm, did we go to eat or play radio or visit.....all the above!

Looking forward to seeing everyone at OZARKCON in the spring!
Johnny AC0BQ
There is a story behind the burnt wire pic!
Not sure what caused it, but lipo batteries do produce a lot of heat when their output is shorted!

QRP....."More smiles per Watt"

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