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Johnny AC0BQ

Thanks John
Wow, it's a stretch to beat the old "Pro's"
Just luck of the bands 

On Wednesday, September 14, 2016, 'John R. Lonigro' jonigro@... [4sqrp] <4sqrp@...> wrote:

You can look at the month's and cumulative results yourself at any time
by going to However, for your convenience, here's
a quick summary:

9 people joined in on the fun, although a couple struck out - better
luck next month. While we can do better, 9 people is better than three
or four, which I believe we've had some previous months. If one more
person had participated, we'd be in double digits. Double digits should
be a goal for October. Remember, there is NO October 4x4 Sprint this
year. Participation in that sprint last year was so low that it wasn't
worth the effort of tabulating scores or providing certificates. This
October (next month), we will simply have another SSS.

The September winner of the coveted monthly certificate is Johnny
(AC0BQ) with 9 total QSO points, followed by Chas (W2SH) and Darryl
(KK5IB), each with 8 points.

As far as total score for the entire contest period is concerned
(November, 2015 to December, 2016) Chas (W2SH) still has the lead, but
Johnny (AC0BQ) and Gary (KF7WNS) aren't far behind (49 and 46 points,

Paul (N0NBD) had a big uptick in his score, no doubt due to the new KX2
he recently purchased. Your rig must be working pretty well, Paul!

Johnny will be receiving his certificate shortly. Congratulations to him
and to all who participated. Until next month...


John AA0VE

4SQRP Contest Coordinator

QRP....."More smiles per Watt"

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