Re: New SMD "beginners kit"

Dale Putnam

Great idea.. and a good start.

Have a great day,
--... ...-- Dale - WC7S in Wy

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Hi Johnny

That's a great idea.  I have been shying away from SMD, but time to get my feet wet.  I could actually use two right now for a couple of projects.

72, Gary/KF7WNS

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Bulk order of aa0zz receiver
8:03 pm
David .. Tom, WA0ITP, me (34)
Cynthia I am sure it's after business hours, but please let me know tomorrow if this worked. If not we will try something else! Thanks Johnny AC0BQ On Monday, September 12, 2016, Johnny Matlock

Good evening all:
We're thinking about offering a SMD "beginners" kit to our line up for those who have never tried, or want to try their hand at SMD kit building, without breaking the bank!

It would be a very small usable AA0ZZ  keyer that would fit in almost any existing QRP rig you may have.

It's foot print would be less than 1" square, powered by the rigs power, with 1 or 2 push buttons that would be mounted off the circuit board in a location that's convenient.

Very small, new technology, and something to use!
What do you think??

Johnny AC0BQ

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Walter - K5EST
Nice idea, and the cost would allow building just for fun, even if the keyer was never put in a rig. Sure would like to see an 80 meter CW transmit...

to me
24 minutes ago
Sounds good Johnny, also sounds like Craig is proceeding.
I love this radio stuff.
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