cw practice net

Dale Putnam

It meets on Tue and Thurs at 2200z on 14.0625 then QSYs to 7.0625 about 2220z  The net has very little for Q signal remembering or learning.. has only a few "normal" things to do..   check in .. at your own comfy speed.. the NCS will match your speed, then exchange the chat info.. like current temp, name qth, SKCC, NAQCC, FISTS, CWOPS,  or any other membership number.. then let NCS know if you want to talk to anyone.. if not.. 72/73 and the next station checks in.. it is great practice to copy each station, as they check in. It is a sponsored net, NAQCC .. but this is the only activity that they sponsor that allows QRO .. so most of the time we do... QRO.. because it is a CW practice net.. not a weak signal practice.

Have a great day,
--... ...-- Dale - WC7S in Wy

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