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Hi Paul,
Sorry to hear what you went through but all your family is safe/
Don't worry about the wires because when things clear up you just me find a nice area for a end fed.
I built many PVC poles as high as 35 feet 2″ diameter schedule 80 pipe will have thicker walls and be able to withstand more pressure than the same 2″ diameter schedule 40 pipe.
Couplers and guy lines cost me less then $65.00
My Dummy load and some patch cords came in today and I gave it a 10 minute workout.
Glad you & your family are OK

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Humboldt got hit worth a heck of a storm last evening at supper time. In fact were eating our supper when it whooped in. The trees were going in circles and in a very few minutes we had 2 3/4 inches of rain and a 40 ft pecan tree limb fell across the roof of our 6 month old travel trailer/ ham shack. I have been all day cutting the tree off the trailer. The insurance adjuster is supposed to be here next week.. I suspect it is done for. The frame at the hitch is bent down and out. There is as hole in the bedroom roof a child could crawl through and the east wall and slide out are bulged out crooked to the world..... I have not found it online but I was told there was a tornado just north of our house..... I would vouch for a wild winds. There are broken power poles and toppled trees all over town... To make matters works..... The town has a brush dump approved by the EPA but as of 7 PM the river is out and most of the brush dump in under water..... We and our family are all ok so when it rains it pours. Oh the tree tore down all my wire antennas and I believe the tower is bent... I will look further at that. Have a good one de Paul N0NBD

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