Send in your score

John Lonigro

Sorry I forgot to send a final reminder this weekend. It was my 50th high school reunion and I was busy with other "duties". Hope everyone had a good weekend and a good SSS. I heard from one person that propagation was the pits after 7:00. Hope that wasn't the case in general.

Anyway, you know what you have to do next: Send in your score ( As with the last couple of months, if you participated for at least 15 minutes but were unable to scare up any contacts, I'm asking you to make an entry anyway. This will make 3 months of data collection. From that data, we should be able to see how many people participate in this monthly event. I will tally everything Wednesday morning, report the winner, and send him his certificate.


John, AA0VE

4SQRP Contest Coordinator

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