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David Wilcox

My FleaBay ones were $10.00 or so for a set and work fine.  I am away from home so can't say which ones they were but that have a blue handle with white or yellow writing on them.  They are great!

I found them, Yueran is the name, $12.00 incl shipping from China.

Dave K8WPE

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Was looking at ceramic trimmer tools at the Jensen site today and about fell out of my chair.
Has anyone tried the reasonably priced China made ones like on fleabay?
Noticed Marshall at Milestone carries one now and might give it a try.
Its funny as I have a soup can full of alignment screw drivers and seemed the only
one that worked the best are the handmade bamboo ones I found at an estate sale
but they don't last long especially on the Murata style trimmers as those slots are
very shallow. Usually end up using a metal tipped one on those stubborn ones. Just
about all of the nylon/plastic/delron ones have been twisted or rounded off.
I was assured several years ago as someone tried to sell me a ceramic one for over $100
and said it would be the last trimmer tool I would ever buy. I replied whittling bamboo
was a whole lot cheaper. Especially if one ran into a stubborn one and snapped the tip off.
Take care and 72

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