Phil Anderson

Hi Guys! Just a week till OzarkCon! Wheeeeee.
I was googling the web a couple of days ago - that infinite web - and again ran across a part of our hobby called QRQ: yes it is the cousin of QRS but much faster, hi.
Anyway, did some googling and ran across (again) a reference to ZART, "Zen and Art of Radio Telegraphy" by Carlo Consoli, IK0YGJ. It's a long read but skimmed a bit and ran across a discussion on the difference in sound at 50 to 60 WPM between English and (for example) German. Fascinating! Since German has lots of ICH, BER, and VER letter combinations, a conversation in German sounds different that say an English one. Strange and interesting.
Of course this is the claim of the author, not me; I'm TOO SLOW. 
I did download some sound files from N5WDI's "QRQ CENTRAL" website and listened to the most popular conversational words - he claims are YOU, I, TO, THE, A, AND, THAT, IT, OF and ME. They certainly have their own rythms!
Guess I'll get out my old German textbook and copy out say ten sentences....and repeat them in Engish, and then compare the "general" sound of each code file. A number of code practice programs support text input with code output.
If anyone else is interested in digging further too, grab me at OzarkCon and we can chat. Keep in mind that this is all new to me.

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