October SSS Results

John Lonigro

We had 8 participants in the October Second Sunday Sprint. I'd still like to see the number of participants in double digits, but 8 isn't too bad. This month we had a tie for most points, Chas (W2SH) and Gary (KF7WNS), each with 10. Note that neither of these people are local to the four states area, indicating a high level of dedication and perseverance in constantly snagging a high number of QSOs virtually every month. Certificates will be heading to these two gentlemen shortly.

In the race to have the most SSS QSO's between November, 2015 and December, 2016, there's really no surprise here. Chas (W2SH) is at the top of the heap with 75 QSO points, followed by Gary (KF7WNS) and Johnny (AC0BQ) each with 56 QSO points. Terry (WA0ITP) is a distant 4th place, with 36 points. There are two months remaining in which to collect your QSO points and try to topple Chas. Realistically, Gary and Johnny are the only two in a position to attempt that. Others shouldn't be discouraged. Everyone has a chance to come out on top in the two remaining monthly competitions for this cycle.


John, AA0VE

4SQRP Contest Coordinator

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