Re: PigRig and HPM

Stephen Roberts <steverob@...>

I just fired up my pig rig for the first time and still haven't tuned it in but it sends and receives close to the target freq. I heard a lot of background noise and I think the bandpass needs tweaking as there seemed to be a number of stations on the freq, so I think that needs some adjustment. I have a hyper mite and haven't used it, but as I just listened to 40 with the pig rig, I immediately thought it might be a great addition. Glad to hear that you tried one. Can you tell me how you have your Hipermite set up?


On Mar 30, 2013, at 7:04 PM, WA0ITP wrote:


I just stuck the Hi_per_Mite on the pigrig. Man does it ever clean up the
sidetone. Lots of QRN on 40 today so it's probobly not a fair test of the HPM
but it sounds vy good so far.

Anyone else using this combo today?

I love this radio stuff !

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