Re: Bayou Jumper - Sneak Peak!

Steve Ireland <vk6vz@...>

Hi Dave
Very excited to hear about the Bayou Jumper.
In regard to the case/box:
“The box is from HobbyLobby and can be ordered here or purchased in their stores, SKU# 662536S”

Please can you let me know if the box used from the Hobby Lobby wood rectangle box set is the largest one of the three boxes (i.e. 12 inch x 4 inch  x 8 and a half inch)?
Although I can’t buy Hobby Lobby boxes in Australia, I just spotted a similar sized mini wooden suitcase in a shop here (complete with Zebra colour scheme!). There is only one of these and it is on a very good special, so if you confirm it is the largest box, I shall make the purchase of the suitcase.
Vy 73
Steve, VK6VZ (also G3ZZD and VY2LF) 


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