Re: NS 40

John Lonigro

I'm not involved with the bayou jumper at all, but since it is called a "transceiver" and since it includes the NS40, my educated guess is that the NS40 circuitry is incorporated into the Bayou Jumper.  The NS40 offered by David is a stand-alone transmitter only, similar to (identical to?) the ones previously offered by 4SQRP.

I'm hoping all the interest in the Bayou Jumper will translate into more activity on the Second Sunday Sprint, since I understand one of the crystals included with the rig is the frequency used by many for that contest (7122 kHz).  Actually, the other crystal (7030 kHz) is often used as well.  Note the receiver coverage (about 120 kHz) is such that it should be able to receive both of those frequencies, one on each end of the tuning dial.

Speculating a little, I assume that, once all the parts have arrived, kitting has begun, and a suitable selling price has been determined, the kit will show up for sale on the 4SQRP website.

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John, AA0VE

On 10/24/2016 10:00 AM, kb0qpm@... [4sqrp] wrote:
I am waiting for the bayou jumper which uses the ns 40 tx. Will it be available with the bayou jumper or do I try to get one from this run?

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