Sources of interesting alternative boxes for Bayou Jumper

Steve Ireland <vk6vz@...>

For those who are interested in an unusual alternative to the Hobby Lobby boxes, take a look in your town or city at the shops that are run by charities that work to improve living conditions and health in the poorest of Asia and African countries.
I bought two brilliant keepsake/jewellery boxes yesterday in the Oxfam shop in Perth with very similar dimensions to the smallest Hobby Lobby box. 
Have a look at for ideas. One of the boxes I bought is the carved elephant keepsake box (AUS29.95). It’s dimensions are not identical to the Hobby Lobby box, but probably close enough to make the Bayou Jumper fit.  The box is made from Mango wood and comes from India.  My other box is made of Sheesham wood, sometimes called Indian Rosewood, and is from Utta Pradesh in India.
Charity shops like the Oxfam ones  often sell lots of these keepsake boxes, as they are popular in the country of origin, where hand skills are still very important and have higher value than in ‘western countries’. 
You can buy a really nice box for your project and help with overseas aid too.
Vy 73
Steve, VK6VZ


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