Good Morning Lil Ol World!

Dale Putnam

45F calm, clear, and the promise of a good day to come.!!  

On Thursday.. yes Thursday.. at 2200z, on 14.0625 the Rocky Mountain and Continental cw practice net will be called... for the LAST time in OCT.   So come check in.. and have a BOO.. on me!! 

Check in at your own comfy speed, I will match you. No but net protocol to worry about.. no list of "Q" signals.. and if you want or need to swap numbers with folks.. just let me know when you check in. NO PROBLEM.

 Then.. after the 20M net, I'll call it on 7.0625 and do it there. Pretty much covers the country, come  get your BOO on.

Have a great day,
--... ...-- Dale - WC7S in Wy

"Actions speak louder than words"
1856 - Abraham Lincoln

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