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I remember you mentioned doing that.  One thng I dont like is the harshness of static crashes thru the HPM.  Does yours sound like that?  Softer crashes when not in the circuit and harsher when in?   If not then I may have a problem with this one.  It's definitely doing it s job with QRM and the sidetone tho. 
I love this radio stuff !

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Not today Terry, I've been at  RARSfest all day, but I've been using that combo with great success from day one on the Pig Rig. All I need to do now is put some volume control on the sidetone. Mine is deafening. A resistor change is definitely  in the future.
You are correct. I also installed the BFI filter you suggested and it made short work of WSML and WBAG!! Thanks for the tip.
The Hi-Per_Mite is a natural for the the Pig Rig.
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I just stuck the Hi_per_Mite on the pigrig. Man does it ever clean up the
sidetone. Lots of QRN on 40 today so it's probobly not a fair test of the HPM
but it sounds vy good so far.

Anyone else using this combo today?

I love this radio stuff !

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