Re: Antenna Tuner isue



nice on your successful build.  Scratchy audio heard when exercising the tuner -- wow very cool to translate mechanical motion into audio modulated electrons -- this is called microphonics, I think ...

No I don't think this is what you are experiencing.  you did not mention that you are transmitting when you here these sounds - but I suspect this is the case.  If so, it is a little instability in the PA or driver stage under varying load to the antenna (often high VSWR but not always).  this is more noticeable in a transceiver that feed transmit audio into the receive chain for the side-tone.  it is an oddity that it occurs while tuning -- hopefully it sounds much clearer when tuner is appropriately adjusted for a match? 

If you are not hearing it after the tuner is adjusted in normal operation, I suggest all is well enough. 

73 CUL


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