Re: Ground Clamp Question

Don Wilhelm


I have bought stainless steel hose clamps from Home Depot, Lowes, hardware stores, and automotive supply places. Look around locally.
Some do not have SS adjustment screws, but many have SS bands.


On 10/31/2016 4:53 PM, Tim McDonough N9PUZ tim.n9puz@... [4sqrp] wrote:

So, I'm wanting to add an additional HF antenna here. Id like to go part
way up my tower and run an end fed wire from a Unun to a tree. I'm
thinking of mounting the unun on a tower leg and attaching the ground
connector to the tower with a clamp.

Cheap and dirty: I can use a regular hose clamp for the copper ground
knowing that eventually there will be some chemical reaction to the two
different metals.

They make clamps that are stainless that have a separator so that
there's a stainless piece between the copper and the galvanized tower
leg which prevents the reaction. I can get one of those type clamps from
DX Engineering but I'd like to avoid paying $12+ in shipping fees to get
an $8 clamp. Yes, I am cheap.

THE TWO PART QUESTION: will using a normal hose clamp and letting the
copper touch the galvanized tower leg cause damage to the tower leg over
time? I'm willing to do maintenance and cleaning periodically, I just
don't want to damage the tower leg. If it's the copper that gets eaten
away I don't care.

OR... do you know of anyone who sells the proper clamps with more
reasonable shipping?



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