Re: Binaural CW Filter?


Some time ago I did purchase the Hi-Per-Mite CW filters.
I never got around to building them since the NE SCAF filters came out.
Then I got hit with COPD and I remember the chip being in foam and wrapped in foil.
I did get to use my friends Hi-Per-Mite and that little kit really worked great.
I'm cleaning up here and amazed what I have and forgot about.
My WIN 7 went out and I just got this WIN 10 Laptop so I'm trying to get the pdf part to open for me.
Any new kits coming down the line??
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Some years ago Rick Campbell wrote an excellent article for QST describing a 'Binaural Receiver'
The basic concept is that you use a quadrature mixer for the final IF converter, and the two outputs are fed to left and right headphone channels

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