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Phil <w0xiphil@...>

Hello Paul,
The sources are many; the question is which to look at.
A good starting place might be to check the resources that the ARRL has to offer. Take a look at their website.
If it is your first design, I’d suggest that you consider a basic single-conversion receiver with a crystal oscillator.
There you’d need a tuned circuit front end (from antenna), a mixer – such as the NE602 – and an audio amplifier,
perhaps the LM386.
You can find circuit configurations (suggestions) for using those chips by using your browser. For example, type in NE602, and you’ll get a
list of websites to look at. Most of the chip vendors include a technical specification and suggestive circuits.
Good luck and have fun. One other item. You can use the formulas in the ARRL handbook to figure out what L and C values you’ll need
for each tuned circuit.
Phil, W0XI
Lawrence, KS

Sent: Wednesday, November 09, 2016 3:09 AM
Subject: [4sqrp] Resources to design transcievers

I have been building kits from other countries and decided it was about time to bring my enjoyment to a new level. Instead of building kits I would like to try my hand at designing and building my own transceiver.

I do have a basic understanding in electronics and mathematics, however I have not had much experience in the experimental side of our hobby.


Does anyone has any favorite resources they would share?

Thank you,



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