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Paul Bonham


Thank you very much. I am mostly interested in CW using low power(QRP or QRPp). Not too sure I care which band I start out with, as I want to eventually be able to design a multi-band portable unit.

I really like the modular idea and will probably borrow the concept for my future designs.



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Hello Paul, What band, what power level and what mode?

I just finished 25 watts CW on 475 KHZ.....Also, an inexpensive 3450 MHZ
AM design.....Progress is being made on a 22 dollar voice transceiver on
2445 MHZ....

I have done a lot of circuit boards also.....The attached photo shows a 3 board set that can be adapted for roughly 200 KHZ to 15 MHZ CW.....

The small board on the left is the CW oscillator-driver board.....All harmonics are at least 60 dBs down.....

The big board in the middle is the FET power amplifier.....Tuned and also has impedance matching to get a 50 Ohm output.....With harmonics.....

The board on the right is a low pass filter that runs cool and harmonics are down at least 60 dBs.....Runs cool at 25 watts.....

All this on a 4" by 6" piece of circuit board.....

As you can gather, I use all bands and modes of operation.....

If I can help.....Gary...K5QNM...EM36 in Missouri..... garyk5qnm@...

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I have been building kits from other countries and decided it was about time to bring my enjoyment to a new level. Instead of building kits I would like to try my hand at designing and building my own transceiver.
I do have a basic understanding in electronics and mathematics, however I have not had much experience in the experimental side of our hobby.
Does anyone has any favorite resources they would share? 

Thank you,

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