2016 160m Fox Extravaganza, Tuesday, 22 November


Back in April our trusty gamekeeper, Dale, WC7S, sent me a message proposing that there be a repeat of 2015’s 160m Fox Extravaganza that occurred for the first time on the Tuesday of Thanksgiving week.  (He also suggested that there might be a traditional Fox Hunt on 160m to be held at an appropriate date within the 27 December-3 January 2017 range, that space being a scheduled Fox Hunt recess during year-end celebrations).


Dale hasn’t canceled his earlier recommendation, but since there is now only a week before Tuesday, 22 November, it seems appropriate to make, on Dale’s behalf, a public announcement.   


The date for the second 160m Fox Extravaganza is Tuesday, 22 November 2016, with the same UTC times as the regular hunts (0200Z-0330Z early Wednesday 23 November).  Activity is best centered around 1.810 mHz (and you can hear a strong signal from W1AW, QRV on 1,802.5 mHz).  Calling “CQ FE” would be a briefly-sent invitation for QSOs.  The exchange should follow the usual FH format: RST, SPC, name, power.


There undoubtedly will be haywired antennas needed to join this event.  It might be best if such technical matters were treated on QRP-L, with the advantage that from its larger audience more participants will be attracted to join our Extravaganza.


Looking back at last year’s FE, it probably started off with an exchange between Jim, K9JWV and myself, both posted on this reflector, on 20 November, and we prevailed upon our faithful Gamekeeper to open the Topband gates four days later on Tuesday, 24 November 2015.  Later 17 participants posted their logs here and those revealed 44 participants!  By way of comparison, NAQCC has run their annual 160m sprint for the past 10 years, and the most logs submitted were 54 (in 2010 and again in 2015).  The most recent ARRl annual 160m contests showed 73 QRP entrants submitting their logs.  QRP ARCI’s contest activities have for the past year or so been almost non-existent (a situation now happily undergoing change) and there were usually only a couple of dozen scores, whenever they managed to be published.


BCNU soon for the 2016 160m Fox Extravaganza!




Charles (aka Chas), W2SH










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